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5 ways to build the mobile gaming metaverse

It’s pretty hard to move anywhere in the world of games without bumping into someone talking about the metaverse. Supposing you’re not familiar with the metaverse concept in games, the simplest thing is to tell you that it’s an interconnected universe of the virtual worlds akin to what Ernest Cline envisaged in his cult novel Ready Player One, since vibrantly brought to life as a Steven Spielberg blockbuster.

The metaverse moved a step closer to reality when Epic Games announced that it has secured a $1 billion investment for these interconnected virtual worlds, with $200 million coming from Sony. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney effectively sees the metaverse as the next natural evolution of the internet that will be built using open standards to connect these experiences.

Ultimately, the metaverse is likely a long way off, but we see some green shoots of what it may look like on mobile in the gaming space in the interim. So let’s take a look at what aspects would have to evolve in the world of mobile games for the metaverse to become more of a reality.

Nobody is quite sure what the actual level of immersion in the metaverse will be. According to the Oasis in Ready Player One, it resembles a haptic whole body suit with VR goggles. On the plus side, we see significant leaps in VR technology with Oculus expanding its range beyond the clunky, PC-reliant headsets with external tracking and favoring more mass-market standalone devices such as the Quest 2 with internal tracking.


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